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Resolve your building violation, and save money and time in 3 easy steps!

Building Violation Web App is an online application which allows property owners and managing agents to hire building violation professionals to correct and certify all types of building violations and failures online! Web App is free to enroll! Save time and money, stop daily penalties, obtain permits or revert to prior legal condition!

How We Work

1. Connect to our Pros - Building
Violation Professionals

Enter a street address above and click Submit. After a quick registration, our state of the art web app will connect you to our Pros - local building violation professionals.

Building Violation Dashboard features:

  • My Violations - See and update details about your violations.
  • My Offers - please use Building Violation Dashboard in response to your violation.
  • Search Violations - See other buildings with violations in your area

Our Building Violation Services

  • Perform Building Violation and Permit Research.
  • Control Board Hearings for Environmental Violations.
  • Housing Quality Violations Inspections.
  • Facade Violation & Landmarks Violations.
  • Obtain Certifiates of Correction, Place of Assembly.
  • Cert of Operations, Sidewalk Cafe License.
  • Resolve Boiler Violations and Local Law Violations.


2. Select Best Remedy

Within hours, our Pros will send you multiple Offers to resolve your building violation. Each proposal includes a total cost, a required deposit, and a time frame to settle your violation. Choose the best offer to resolve your violations, and click Award to select the Pro.

Each Remedy Offer includes:

  • Building Violation Research
  • Redemption Procedure Schedule
  • Cost Estimate
  • Building Violation Pro's Credentials


3. Start Service

After Awarding a Pro, click Start Service to fix your building violations. Our Pro will perform all necessary procedures described in the Offer to remedy your violation.

Keep direct communication with Awarded Pro through our web app. Save money and time! Never leave your house! We come to you! 24/7 Confidential Customer Support: (866) 545-4440

4. Learn more

Read our FAQ to learn in detail how we solve building violations.

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