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Frequently Asked Questions

Cure Illegal Apartment Violation

We cure all Building Violations such as Work Without a Permit and Illegal Apartment Violations in basement, cellar, or attic. We resolve illegal construction, including illegal conversion of industrial space into a residential dwelling. We can help you comply with local laws and Building Code. Our clientele range from home owners, co-op, condo, townhouse owners, architects, engineers, major corporations, attorneys, real estate brokers, contractors, building owners, building managers, building tenants renters and the general public. Certain building violations require a permit to be obtained prior to correcting the violation and filing Certificate of Correction. A permit to CURE a building violation requires contracting some or all of the following building violation professionals:

  • Architect
  • General Contractor
  • Plumber, Electrician, Surveyor and others.
  • Expediter

Building violation professionals will prepare a complete Certificate of Correction package; and employ our expert staff of Filing Representatives to file Your completed Certificate of Correction for approval; or attend a hearing to fight to lessen your penalties; or dismiss them for eligible violations.

Case study, Installing New Windows

You decided to install new windows. You don't need a permit to replace glass. However, during installation contractor discovered that a window frame must be replaced. Contractor proceedes to replace the frame without obtaining a permit. This is a violation of Work Without a Permit.

Please be aware that a "handy man" you hire may fail to obtain a required permit and may leave you with a "work-without-a-permit" violation and a heafty fine.


Civil Penalty for Legalization

DOB issues civil penalties if work was done after 1989 without a permit. Work done without a permit before 1989 is exempt from civil penalties.

Final Plumbing Signoff

A signoff from the Plumbing Division is required to ensure that completed work passes DOB’s Plumbing inspection.

Fire Alarm (FA)

A letter of approval from the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention for a Fire Alarm (FA) work type is required to ensure that the FA application has met FDNY standards.

Fire Alarm/Signal System (FA) Signoff

If filed separately from the main application, the alarm/signal/CO detector system (FA) application must be signed off to ensure that the system was properly installed; required for certain building types and/or occupancy.

  • Obtain FDNY approval letter prior to DOB approval.
  • Obtain FA application signoff from FDNY and provide letter of completion.