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Building Violation Expediter allows respondents to quickly execute redemption orders, by pairing your violation address with building violations professionals, available to administer correction and remediation procedures for building code violations. Homeowners, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors can use the Expediter to stop daily penalties, obtain permits, or revert to prior legal condition. Start by typing violation address below.

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How Building Violation Expediter Works?

Enter a violation address or question in to the Expediter, and click Submit.

Building Violation Expediter dashboard pairs your violation address to a connected and available local building violations professional that has access to municipal information system to research your violation. After reviewing your violation, a notification will be sent to your email that a Redemption Order is ready for review.

Example of Violations: Building Violations Expediter can answer building code related questions; and provide redemption for building violations. This includes illegal conversions, work without a pemit, facade violations, "failure to comply", and other types of violations. The Expediter can also rescind enforcement orders imposed against a property.

Building Violations Enforcement Example: Stop Work Order, Order to Vacate, and Order to Certify Corrections.

If you feel that you were wrongly issued a building violation ticket, Building Violations Expediter can help you dispute violations and attempt to dismiss penalties.

Building Violations Expediter Dashboard Features:
  • My Violations - Information about your violations.
  • My Questions - Your list of building code questions.
  • My Orders - Redemption Orders to resolve your violation or question.
  • Search Violations - See other buildings with violations.
Redemption Order Includes:
  • Scope of correction work, if required.
  • List of remediation procedures.
  • Redemption cost estimate.
  • Building Violations Pro's credentials.

Log-in to your Building Violation Expediter dashboard and review a Redemption Order. Each order contains an outline of correction work, if required, and a list of remediation procedures to resolve your building violations. Also, each order discloses a flat rate cost estimate and a time frame to fix your code violation.

Correction Work:
  • Provide Licenses.
  • Procure and administer labor to revert to legal condition.
  • Procure removal of illegal fixtures.
  • Povide Certificates of Occupancy, Letter of No Objection, DCA Licenses (Sidewalk Cafe), others.
Remediation Procedures:
  • Perform Building Violations Research.
  • Attend Hearings and Mitigate Penalties.
  • Stop Daily Penalties.
  • Schedule inspections.
  • Procure Department of Buildings approvals.
  • Procure Landmarks approvals.
  • File Certifiates of Correction.
  • Rescind Stop Work Order.
  • Rescind Order to Vacate.
  • Prepare and file other Remediation paperwork.

Place Redemption Order to fix your building code violation by clicking Award button. The available building violations professional, awarded to perform redemption, will administer correction work for your violation; and complete remediation procedures. You can communicate with the Pro directly or call customer support hotline to get updates. A final notification email will contain proof that your violation is resolved.

Save money and time with Building Violations Expediter confidential customer support hotline:

(866) 545-4440
"32 Court Street,507 Brooklyn, NY 11201"

Building Violation Education:

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F.A.Q.: Read our FAQ to learn in detail how we solve building violations.

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