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BUILDVIO Report Checks For:


Legality - Checks building code behind the violation issued


Dismissability - Determines if violation can be dismissed by code


Penalty Mitigation Projection - Outlines possible stipulations that allow less penalties


Corrective Construction Estimates - Outlines cost to physically resolve the Building Violation with corrective construction


Can You Do it Yourself? - Determines if You can resolve the violation without hiring anyone.


Resolution Instructions - Outlines Steps to Resolve The Violation


Penalty Default Alerts


Cost of Professional Service Estimate - Estimates average cost to hire a licnesed architect or engineer to resolve your specific violation, allowing you to bargain.

Every Report Includes:


Violation Survey of the Property


Credit Towards Service:


The cost of this report is a credit towards our full service in resolving building violations.



Turn it into a FREE Report!: The BUILDVIO Report gives you a full picture of the "dismiss-ability" of the violation, associated costs, and instructions on how to resolve it yourself. Should you decide to let our Building Violation Professionals handle the violation for you, we will credit the cost of the report towards the total estimated cost to resolve the violation.


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BUILDVIO Team of building violations professionals are registered and licensed professionals; and New York City Building Code Experts. The team specializes in estimating legality, dismissability, and estimating of Building Violations, which help homeowners, real estate buyers, and property managers to instantaneously analyze and evaluate the impact of a building violation you may have recieved.


BUILDVIO Report Also Includes FREE and Absolutely Vital Additional Information:


New Complaints


Existing Complaints


Open Building Violations


Resolved Building Violations


DOB Inspector's Comments


Civil Penalty Information


Penalty Default Alerts


Certificate of Occupancy Historical Records

Survey Includes:


Photo Survey of the Property


Live Customer Support:


Should you have questions, BUILDVIO Team member will discuss the report with you in every detail.



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