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Stop Work Order

Paying a civil penalty for a Work Without a Permit violation and getting a permit doesn't
mechanically raise a Stop Work Order (SWO). Please note that any work done whereas
the premises subjected to SWO could subject each the owner and contractors to further
violations and fines. To remove a SWO, the Department of Buildings re-inspection or review
of work must be made, and Department of Buildings Inspector could suggest full cancellation
of SWO to the unit chief or supervisor.

Once the unit chief or supervisor approves cancellation of the SWO, the respondent are
going to be notified through a posting OP-109 (Stop Work Order Rescind) at the premises.
Once the SWO cancellation has been approved, BISWeb violation markers are going to have
their status changed and therefore the red flag on the property about open SWO is going to be

For SWO that needs a re-inspection for cancellation, no appointment are going to be granted
till all associated penalties area paid. If you receive a violation of a SWO, it will solely be
rescinded by paying the civil penalty at the Cashiers Unit within the various borough.  


Expired Permits  (BC 27-147)

Other Work Without a Permit infractions:

Infraction Code




Class 1


Section of Law Violation




Work without a permit.

Work without a permit.


Obtain permit or restore

Obtain permit or restore premises to prior legal condition.







Standard Penalty


Mitigated Penalty


Default Penalty



Aggravated I Penalty



Aggravated I Default Penalty


Aggravated  II Penalty


Aggravated II Default – Maximum Penalty



Required Steps:


Schedule a Plan Examiner appointment to file: 

 - Certificate of Correction Package (Certificate of Correction, Proof of Correction, Form LL58/88 Affidavit of Registered Architect or Professional Engineer and other supportive documents)

 - New Work Permit application.

 - An application to Renew an existing permit.


Did not find your violation? Don't know what your penalty might be?

See a complete list:   ECB Violations


If you have an existing violation you must prepare a Certificate of Correction Package to prove that you corrected the violation. This page allows you to reserve an expediter to consult you on required paperwork and how to file the package. Additionally, in order to close a violation on your property, you must pay the penalty, in addition to certifying a correction. Our team will file the Certificate of Correction Package, which must include the Evidence of the payment of imposed civil penalties associated with the violation. Once the package is ready you can use call us to submit the package for approval. 


BUILDVIO Team services include these procedures in your Certificate of Correction Package preparation cost.


Permit Approval Process


Any new work plan must be approved by the Department of Buildings, before a permit can be pulled. 

Architects and engineers can prepare necessary construction documents and permit applications to apply for approval of existing "as-built" conditions or new work.  When this documentation is complete, our licensed New York City filing representatives, will present your Plan/Work Approval application at an appointment with a Plan Examiner.


At an Appointment with a Plan Examiner.

Our filing representative will present your New Work Plan to an appointed Plan Examiner at the New York City Department of Buildings and will mitigate proposed new construction or alteration.


BUILDVIO team will fight for your right to build and alter your property! If the application was denied, we will review authoritative objections and navigate all issues to ensure that you understand the reason for denial of a permit, and means of correcting the condition to receive approval from the Department of Buildings.





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