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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who We Are? is a website that offers an innovative WebApp tool developed by Building Violation LLC, The United States based expediting company that resolves building violations since 2015. We have developed this application to make it possible for building violation professionals to answer questions and resolve building violations in communities across the United States.

2. What We Do?

Our cutting edge technology sorts and matches your questions and building violations with our Pros, our registered local building violation professionals. Our back office team monitors and coordinates our Pros using the same tool. Our technology provides a customer with a Pro that performs the process of answering questions about building violations and/or resolves building violations from start to finish, accessible through the application dashboard.

Our WebApp allows you to submit your question or violation to our back office team for review, analysis. Using the tool our team matches our experienced Pros, local building violation professionals to your specific violation or question; And Pros develop their offers that first to go through our review and then are provided to you through the WebApp dashboard. After you select and approve the offer, the selected building violation professional is assigned to your question or violation, and starts to do the work required to provide an answer or redemption from your violation. The start and continuation of this process is visible in the dashboard, which reports the progress through notifications. After your question is answered, or the violation is resolved, or if there are any open requirements, you will be notified through the dashboard.

3. How does the WebApp work?

The WebApp uses our technology to process your question or violation, and matches them with local building violation professionals visible through the WebApp dashboard that allows you and our team to monitor and coordinate the Pros.

To ask a question or to resolve a building violation: Enter violation address or question on our main page at "" and click "Submit".

You will be guided to the next page that takes you through a questionnaire that provides important information about your building violation or question. The information you enter is secure with us, but is visible to all our Pros in your area.

You will receive access to customer dashboard, where you can see the information you entered and offers from Pros that saw your request.

Offers include Pro's information, details of their offer to resolve your violation or question.

Through the dashboard you will be able to select and accept an offer and track the process.

The process starts with our team reviewing and analyzing your violation or question. Once our internal review has been completed, the back office assigns relevant Pro to submit an offer to resolve your violation or to answer your question. You are notified through the dashboard about the offer. Upon your review of each submitted offer, you will be able to respond by selecting one of the offers in the dashboard. Selecting an offer approves the building violation professional (Pro) to start the work and engage in the offered redemption or solution to answer your question. As a result of selecting the offer, you will receive a resolved status for your violation or an answer to your question, a proof of which will be available in your dashboard.

4. What is the difference in your technology between resolving a violation and asking a question?

A violation requires corrective labor and certification of correction. These redemptive actions are different in their complexity than those that are required to answer a question. Answering a question, sometimes doesn't require any effort, just knowledge. This is why we do not charge for answering a simple general question that does not require additional research. However, there are questions that also require action in order to answer them. The process of submitting a violation or a question and resolving it through the WebApp is similar, but the solution for each differ in cost depending on their complexity. However, simple general questions about building violations are answered for free.

5. Where do we provide services?

The services we provide are reliant on local building violation professionals that are registered on our website. Our Pros play a critical part in availability of our services. Right now we accept applications and provide services in all 50 states. Therefore we pride ourselves to offer our services nationwide. However, we see biggest demand in large metropolitan areas such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

6. What type of violations we resolve?

We resolve work without a permit violations, illegal occupancy violations, illegal conversion, failure to maintain building in a code compliant manner, construction does not match approved plans, zoning ordinance violations, violations of rules and regulations, violations of health code, violations of housing rules, fire hazard violations, plumbing violations, electrical violations, construction violations, curb cut violations, landmark violations, structural integrity violations, driveway violation, planting violations, retaining wall violations, and many many more.

7. What are some examples of typical building violations?

  1. Received summons for converting a cellar or a garage into an apartment without a permit.
  2. Received summons for renting a basement.
  3. Received summons for collapsed retaining wall.
  4. Received summons for putting up a canopy with a sign.
  5. Received summons for cracks in a facade.
  6. Received summons after fire damage.
  7. Received summons for blocking a fire escape.
  8. Received summons for renting apartment on AirBnB
  9. Received summons for renting individual rooms in an apartment.
  10. Received summons for building a deck in the backyard.
  11. Mortgage company found open violations and open permits that were never resolved.
  12. Real Estate closing is not going through because the title company found open violations.

8. What type of question we resolve?

Simple questions about building violations are answered for free. Additionally, we provide detailed answers on: construction codes, zoning ordinances, municipal rules and regulations, fines and penalties due, violation enforcement and much more. While asking a question you can also request a report about existing violations and open permits on the property. You can request technical reports, copies of municipal records, or any other request related to buildings and violations.

9. What is a Building Violation and how your WebApp tool helps to resolve it?

A Building Violation is an unlawful action or negligent inaction related to a real property, which is in violation of municipal or state or federal laws, rules, regulations, codes or ordinances. Depending on the complexity and history of the violating condition and severity of its hazardous status, the enforcement action to coerce respondent to correct a violating condition may vary, but always involves some kind of administrative action against the property. Usually, it is an administrative action that results in penalties and fines.

The respondent has an opportunity to dispute the violating condition.

Our Web App connects you with a local building violation professional that can schedule and attend a hearing to represent your defense.

However, if you are aware that the violating condition exists, or if a hearing adjudicated in violation, you are required to correct the violating condition and certify correction.

Our Web App connects you to our registered local building violation professionals that gather evidence of compliance and help prepare and submit your certification of correction.

Sometimes correcting the violating condition requires obtaining a permit, which is an approval of plans to perform labor by the local construction authority.

Our registered local building violation professionals will do all necessary work to procure the permit to your General Contractor.

If you don't have a contractor, our WebApp will match your permit with our local building violation professionals that have a general contractor license and general liability insurance.

The technology allows adding required team members to resolve open requirements and violations in the WebApp dashboard.

10. Who are the Pros?

Pros are our local building violation professionals, who are registered in the WebApp; And went through our extensive review and approval to be allowed to resolve your violation or answer your question. This includes verification of licenses of expediters, filing representatives, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, general contractors and anyone else who has experience that may be applicable.

11. How to resolve a Building Violation?

For all simple non-hazardous violations such as those that do not require approval of correction labor, or when the labor has been completed, only your Certification of Correction is required to be filed with the municipal authority that issued the violation.

A Pro that you selected in your dashboard will prepare your certification of correction for filing - the administrative work to resolve the violation and will inform you when it is resolved. You will receive notification and proof of resolved status in your dashboard upon completion. Simple projects require a one time payment to start the work.

More serious violations that have open requirements, such as correction labor for example, will require involvement of expediters, architects, engineers, contractors, and other applicable building violation professionals.

The way it works with our WebApp, is that after you submit information about your violation, the back office team will review your project and notify applicable professionals in our network to submit their offers. You will receive separate offers from all assigned Pro types. After you select all applicable Pros, the back office will monitor each professional and report progress in the dashboard. You will receive notification and proof of each completed step in your dashboard. If you prefer to bring your own contractor or architect to the team, or If during any stage you have a question, concern or would like to change your Pro, you will be able to do so by reaching out to admin in a chat in your dashboard OR by calling our main support line at (866) 545-4440

For complicated projects that require additional work beyond open requirements, such as structural changes, changes to certificate of occupancy, new buildings or title changes, it will be a 3-step procedure. The first two stages are the same as for simple and serious violations. Complicated projects require the same Pros (filing representative and/or architect and contractors). However, with complicated projects there is a third stage, which includes all conforming inspections and forms that are filed after the contractor's permit is signed-off. Therefore, once the 2nd stage is complete, if you have a complicated project, there is a 3rd stage that will become available to access in your dashboard. You will receive offers from required third party agencies assigned by the back office team to complete the third stage, to finish the complicated project.

Depending on the violation, stages are added during the life of a project, into the WebApp dashboard, and notifications are sent via email.

12. How fast will the violation be resolved?

Depending on the violation complexity and your local government efficiency, for simple projects the time varies between 5-15 business days. For more serious projects that require a 2-step procedure, the time varies between 4-8 weeks. For complicated projects that require a 3-step procedure, the timeframe is between 2-12 months.

13. Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees in offers made by our Pros. However, please note, in the projects with 2 and 3 stage procedures, there are 2 and 3 billing cycles respectively.

Additionally, please note, our offers never include government fees, filing fees and penalties into the procedure. However, we do offer a separate service of delivering your penalty payment to the department.

14. How do I resolve a Work-Without-a-Permit violation?

The Work Without a Permit (WWP) violation is considered a serious project that requires a 2-stage procedure. In order to resolve the WWP violation, you will need to hire an architect or engineer to prepare a set of drawings showing your plans for correction labor. Our expediters prepare forms to accompany these plans and file them with your local construction authority for approval to issue a permit to do the work. Once approved, a contractor of your choosing is able to pull a permit(s) per the approved plans. Afterwards, you will need a filing representative to close a violation with the city.

Our Web App allows you to hire all qualified and ensured trades required for this project under the supervision of our back office team. This helps us ensure that the service provided is reliable and quality.

15. How do I resolve Illegal Occupancy violation?

Illegal Occupancy violations vary by their severity. Sometimes it is enough to vacate a tenant subjected to an illegal occupancy violation, but most of the time it includes removing or legalizing illegal plumbing fixtures. Usually in such cases there is an accompanying Work Without a Permit(WWP) violation. Removal of illegal fixtures can be done under a limited plumbing work permit. However, if you want to improve your building and legalize the created fixtures or maybe even legalize the space as an additional apartment and add it to your Certificate of Occupancy, all of these solutions to remedy the violation require a more extensive filing, and costs beyond simple demolition of illegal fixtures.

16. Why do I need to hire a General Contractor?

General Contractor is a licensed professional who pulls permit for general construction such as demolition of partitions, installation of stairs, general remodeling, etc. In order to legalize illegal fixtures or remove illegal walls subjected to violation, the General Contractor must "pull a permit" - request a permit to be issued per approved job. This means that when the job is approved the contractor can login to related government portal and request the permit, after the approval is done by the architect and filing representative. Therefore, in order to finish a legalization or demolition job, you will need to hire a General Contractor (and, in some cases, plumber and/or electrician) to pull a permit, perform labor (if any) and inspect the job upon its completion.

17. Can you recommend a General Contractor?

Yes, we have general contractors who focus on resolving violations. When your job is approved we will notify our Pros that hold a General Contractor license in your are to offer their services. You will be able to select one of their offers. You can hire any licensed general contractor to pull permits per approved job that was provided by our Pros.

18. How do I know if my violation is resolved?

After Pro's work has completed and the violation is resolved, the assigned building violation professional will provide proof of redemption which will be accessible in the WebApp dashboard. The proof to expect will show that the violation is resolved and will be issued by the same authority that imposed the violation.

19. If I accept an offer and make a payment, how do I know that the Pro has started the work?

We monitor and coordinate The Pro and provide updates to you for each milestone through the WebApp dashboard.

20. What type of payment is accepted?

We do not accept credit card payments, but instead we do accept payment plans. To schedule a payment plan call (866) 545-4440.

We accept checks, or electronic check payments via Zelle, CashUp or Venmo. Send payment to

21. How to become a Pro?

Click the link below to register: Register here as Professional


  1. Submit your Violation By clicking on "Resolve a Violation" Button.
  2. Your Violation will submit to admin, Admin will Approve/.Reject the violation.
    (In case rejected notes will be shared to you, take care of the things mentioned by the admin for rejection. Fix those items and report violation again)
  3. After approval it will be assigned to the Pro's.
  4. Pro's will accept and offer the violation, provide you with time and cost estimation.
  5. You as a customer can accept/reject that offer made by Pro.
  6. Accept the offer, made the payment and get your violation done.


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