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We can help You prepare and expedite a Certification of Correction in timely manner, and simplify Your permitting process.


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Environmental Control Board (ECB) Penalty Schedule




Building Violation F.A.Q.



Building Violation Description:


The Notice of Violation includes an order by a Commissioner. The order states that You must correct the violation and underlying conditions; even if you just purchased the home with someone's violations.


Building Violations - Time vs Penalties:


You are required to correct a building violation as soon as possible.


A violation has a time schedule for estimating penalties. A timer that works against You.


For example, illegal conversion can cause a fine as much as $1,000 per day, with a grace window of 45 days to certify a correction. That's a whooping $45,000 in penalties if you don't answer right away.


For simplicity, all building violations are divided in three types:



A. Class 1. Immediately Hazardous violation — Considered to be highest level of concern and possible danger to life. This type of violation must be cured immediately. Delaying in submitting a Certificate of Correction immediately after receiving a summons will result in additional penalties of $1500 minimum. Additional violations may be added on top of existing for failing to answer immediately.



B. Class 2. - Major Priority Building Violation
and Class 3. - Lesser Priority Building Violation

In both types, You are given 40 days to attest a correction of a violation.


Selling or Buying a Home with Building Violations:


Building Violations may go unnoticed during real estate sale. However, they may be investigated and found by the Code Enforcement Unit, after any anonymous complaint.


Building violations may prevent you from selling a property. A title company must check and deny a transfer of a title, if violations exist. This is because the new owner will assume liability for existing violations.



Building Violation Enforcement:


If You don't start resolving Your violation today, in time, an Order to Vacate may be issued. This is the worst cases scenario that may unfold - You can be evicted and your property may be condemned.


Enforcing procedures may include forced eviction, because disasters may happen. Loss of life, or even endangerment to life through a building violation is a crime that may also be punishable by an incarceration of the building owner.


Building Violation Professionals



Certain building violations require a permit to be obtained prior to correcting the violation and filing Certificate of Correction.


A permit to CURE a building violation requires contracting some or all of the following building violation professionals:


a. Expediter

b. Architect

c. Engineer

d. General Contractor

e. Plumber, Electrician, Surveyor and others.


Building violation professionals will prepare a complete  Certificate of Correction package; and employ  our expert staff of Filing Representatives to file Your completed Certificate of Correction for approval; or attend a hearing to fight to lessen your penalties; or dismiss them for eligible violations.


Typical Building Violation Cure Services include:




1. Help you obtain permit to physically correct the violation.

2. Prepare a Certificate of Correction that attests to compliance with correction requirements.


Schedule filing for  Certificate of Correction.



Coordinate all required filing.


Present your corrections for approval by the Department of Buildings, ECB, HPD, and other authorities.

Remove Violation.




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